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Bombs Away!

Terry Casales - October 4th, 2021


On Sunday morning, 7 December 1941, the largest airborne attack force ever assembled by the Imperial Japanese Navy struck Oahu's military installations and plunged the United States into World War II. Their main objective was to cripple the U.S. Fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor. This day in history would be known as the “Day of Infamy.”

A strafing run can be defined as: to attack an enemy by shooting from aircraft that are flying low in the sky — an air raid, or airborne attack. Its complete definition describes the practice of low-flying aircraft attacking ground targets using mounted automatic weapons. Though the bulk of the heavy damage done at Pearl Harbor was caused by the bombs and torpedoes, Japanese fighters, like the Mitsubishi Zero fighter, used machine gun fire to attack their targets and cause a wave of destruction against stationary targets, especially the American aircraft on the ground at airfields across Oahu. Since there were no trenches for people to hide in at Pearl Harbor, strafing fire was done to not only destroy grounded aircraft but to try and clear sailors from the decks of ships. Machine gun fire wasn’t strong enough to sink the intended target, but it could rip through machine gun nests, making it difficult for sailors to use anti-aircraft guns. Japanese aircraft also strafed troops who were grounded at airfields and forced to use rifles against them and even civilians in Honolulu. Going into World War II, the A6M Zero Model 21 was a feared fighter, dominating the skies regardless of what the Allies threw at it. In the early months, it was believed that this fighter scored a kill ratio of 12 to 1. No matter how hard Allied pilots tried, the Japanese warplane always seemed to outmaneuver any of their current craft. (Source:

Six Japanese carriers transported torpedo planes, dive bombers, and fighters to a point about 220 miles north of Oahu. Launching the aircraft in two waves, the attackers achieved total surprise and wreaked havoc at all of the Army Air Forces installations. Death, destruction, shock, disbelief, fear, and mounting outrage were experienced by those who were there at the time, as they saw their assignment in paradise turn into a veritable hell on Earth. (Source:

This brings me to a day years ago where I visited the house of a friend of my mother’s. This man was a WWII veteran who was telling us about what he personally experienced on the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was living on base with his family and he remembers when the Japanese planes were making strafing runs on the base as they flew so low to the ground that he could see the faces of the pilots.

The attack on 7 December was by any assessment, a disastrous day. Casualties at Army Air Forces installations numbered 690, including 244 killed. A total of 76 air¬craft were completely destroyed. Reminders of the attack are still visible on what was Hickam Field, where the tattered flag that flew over the base that day is encased and on display in the lobby of Hale Makai ("House by the Sea" in Hawaiian). This former "Big Barracks" now serves as headquarters of the Pacific Air Forces, and its bullet-scarred walls are carefully preserved to serve as a constant reminder to never again be caught unprepared. (Source:

Just as the people of Pearl Harbor were unprepared for that fateful day of a surprise attack from the enemy, America and the nations of the world were caught off guard by an act of war from the same unseen enemy, this time in the manifestation of a global pandemic — initiated by a bio-weapon in 2020. The Church as a whole, has become complacent, detached, unprepared and ill-equipped to wage an invisible war waged by a very real enemy from the realm of the kingdom of darkness — satan — the enemy of our souls.

Dearest one, take heart and prepare for the enemy’s camp is about to be bombarded like never before. I have declared an angelic blitzkrieg push back against the enemy and his minions on the earth. I have given you the authority, as one of My Kingdom generals, to call for spiritual reinforcements by declaring what My Word says about the current situation you are seeing on earth and calling forth those things that come from the place of the unseen, seated with Christ. Just like the blessings I have for you are about to come in fast, one thing after the other, so the attack on the enemy’s camp is about to be completely decimated. The enemy has declared war once again against humanity, against Me and against My plans for the Great Harvest of souls. Every single structure of the enemy is about to come crashing down like a house of cards in this hour.

“Your right hand, O Lord, has become glorious in power; Your right hand, O Lord, has dashed the enemy in pieces. - Exodus 15:6 - NKJV

But if you indeed obey His voice and do all that I speak, then I will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries. - Exodus 23:22 - NKJV

It may feel like you are the victim of what appear to be unending strafing runs brought on by the enemy and his minions with no visible way of fighting back to make you believe that you have been outnumbered. Nothing could be further from the truth as My hosts of angels have been sent down to earth to tear down every single one of the enemy’s strongholds over My people. Up until this point in history the nations of the earth and, especially, My Church, have fallen short of the Great Commission I have imparted to them. The time of playing it safe and living in the comfort of the matrix of religion is over for My glory is about to come down on the earth.

So he answered, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” - 2 Kings 6:16 - NKJV

Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, The power and the glory, The victory and the majesty; For all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours; Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, And You are exalted as head over all. - 1 Chronicles 29:11 - NKJV

Up until that event in history, America had chosen not to become involved with what the evil Nazi regime was doing in the rest of the world. It was only after the attack on Pearl Harbor was waged that America woke up to the real threat of the enemy that was systematically taking ground that they were no longer immune to its effect. America, because of its geography had the luxury of living in its own independent, protective bubble. This event became a rude awakening for America that she was part of the global community and that she had the responsibility and the duty to take action and step into her role to help defeat the enemy — those forces of evil operating under the spirit of antichrist which was doing everything in its power to take complete dominion over humanity.

What so many have discovered through the act of war of this global pandemic is that this threat from the enemy of our souls has continued to operate, but it has done so in the hidden places, underground — in stealth mode — as it has been systematically infiltrating America and the nations from within through a web of its own making.

Dearest one, the time is fast approaching when you shall see My justice break every stronghold that has been holding My people back and kept them locked up in a cage of lies for far too long. I have heard the cries of My people in the wilderness and nothing that the enemy has done against you has gone unnoticed. The enemy thinks he has won the war but he does not see what is coming for him. I shall send a legion of angels to go on an air raid from above — a strafing run in the enemy’s camp of such magnitude that they shall have nowhere to run or hide from the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God. The wicked’s evil agenda has kept them so preoccupied that they have completely blinded themselves to the consequences of their actions. They have managed to make themselves believe their own lies that they are untouchable and that I do not see what they have been doing against My sons and daughters and the innocent all this time.

Let the wicked fall into their own nets, While I escape safely. - Psalm 141:10 - NKJV

I have seen every assignment and every strategy that they have conjured up against My people Israel and against My remnant. They have convinced themselves that they actually have the power to stop the global harvest of souls that I Am bringing forth in this new era. The enemy keeps fooling himself into thinking that he can actually abort My plans. I Am! Nothing can stop what I Am bringing forth for I Am the King of the universe and My Kingdom come and My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I have not only heard the cries of My remnant, I have heard the groaning of My creation for Me to reveal My sons and daughters on the earth for such a time as this. I have been preparing My warrior bride behind the scenes and she shall arise and shine in My perfect timing. Beloved, all is not as it seems as the wicked have actually been building guided cages and gallows of their own making from which there is no escape. Those whom the enemy of their souls have oppressed and kept in chains are about to be set free to take back dominion of the kingdoms of the earth by force for the Kingdom of Heaven.

These who I Am setting free in this hour shall have all of the angelic reinforcements that they will need to assure them the victory. The roar that I have placed inside of them will make every mountain tremble before them so much so that these mountains shall completely crumble as the walls of Jericho came down with just one shout from My people at the precise moment.

As these forgotten ones, these outcasts, are delivered and set free, I Am fine tuning them to My frequency so that when My roar is heard in and through them everything shall fall before them and the road will be paved before them to advance My Kingdom like never before. These ones will receive the revelation of who they were created to be in Christ and they shall know without a doubt that they are seated in heavenly places with Him in glory and when they fight, they will know that they will be fighting from the position of victory in Jesus’ name. These ones will know the Lord God Almighty and they will know and believe that with Him all things are possible. They shall receive the revelation and the understanding of their God-given righteousness in Christ and the higher reality of the authority they have been given to take down and dismantle every piece of the kingdom of darkness that the enemy has established underneath the earth. They, along with My hosts of angels, shall go forth into the deepest places in the earth and uncover every wicked thing and force it into the light, for the fire of Holy Spirit to expose it and then to completely evaporate it — wiping these demonic structures out of existence. The demonic cancer that the enemy has created on earth shall be no more for the light of My glory shall invade the earth and nothing can stop it!

Some find their strength in their weapons and wisdom, but my miracle-deliverance can never be won by men. Our boast is in Yahweh our God, who makes us strong and gives us victory! - Psalm 20:7 - TPT


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