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Beloved, it is time to get you rewired!

Terry Casales - December 28th, 2021


Dearest one, just as your house needs rewiring, so does your soul. Everything you have endured has been to prepare your soul and your spirit to operate out of both realms.

When you are connected to My heart, you have the capacity to receive the power to do what you were created for. When you go back and forth and do not know when to switch the things of this world off and switch on to My frequency, this creates a disconnect and you are no longer able to plug into the things of My Kingdom realm.

An electrical outlet is an opening or series of openings connected to a wired power source meant to power electrical equipment and components. It is important to keep in mind that not all outlets, or the components they are intended for, are compatible with each other. Dearest one, there are still some outlets in your soul that are not receiving My electric current to plug into Me and into what I have for you because they are connected to the old ways of operating (old mindsets).

Without being plugged into Me, your power Source, those things that I have given to you will not have the power they need to operate freely in Me.

They refuse to take hold of the true source. But we receive directly from him, and his life supplies vitality into every part of his body through the joining ligaments connecting us all as one. He is the divine Head who guides his body and causes it to grow by the supernatural power of God. - Colossians 2:19 - TPT

Stretch out your hand of power through us to heal, and to move in signs and wonders by the name of your holy Son, Jesus!” - Acts 4:30 - TPT

The mighty power of the Lord was with them as they ministered, and a large number of people believed and turned their hearts to the Lord. - Acts 11:21 - TPT

Every electrical appliance needs a power source - they need something to plug into that will pour power into it and help it to function in the way it was designed to function and to operate in. This is only possible when the outlet is “wired” to the right Source of power by way of the Holy Spirit.

For as the Father is the source of life, so he has given the Son the power to impart life. - John 5:26 - TPT

“I am the sprouting vine and you’re my branches. As you live in union with me as your source, fruitfulness will stream from within you—but when you live separated from me you are powerless. - John 15:5 - TPT

Whenever you operate in the flesh and not in the spirit, you are, in fact, letting the enemy short circuit that outlet your gift is plugged into, making your gift ineffective and useless. Your soul has been caught in a tangled web of wires that do not connect to anything of value and are just for show.

The enemy of your soul wants you to believe that those outlets which are no longer functioning are burnt out and beyond repair. He wants to keep you looking at the mess of wires and unable to see which ones will connect to the heart of your Heavenly Father.

The devil wants you to believe that there are no new functioning outlets available to you to plug into. He does not want you think or to believe that you have an infinite number of new functioning outlets already made available to you by your Heavenly Father to plug your gifts into.

The gifts I have given you bring life to others. I shall provide, as Your power Source, all that you need to maintain, to grow and to expand those gifts in their capacity to function through the power of My love.

Dearest one, allow Me to bring to you the replacements of what you have lost in the wilderness and allow Me to restore everything back in your life to its intended function in Me. Remember that I Am the Restorer of all things and I shall make room for the gifts I have placed on the inside of you to function in their original design for My glory.

You shall lack no good thing, beloved. You have barely scratched the surface of your full potential in Me. There are so many outlets that I shall provide for you to plug into and to operate out of in this new era for the advancement of My Kingdom.

Allow Me to replace the dead and faulty wires of wrong mindsets in you, that you’ve been operating out of, which keep trying to short circuit what I have called you to do.

Beloved, you were created to shine brightly, without dimming and without flickering. Allow Me to provide the surge protection that you need from the brown outs the enemy keeps wanting to introduce into your life to interfere with the vision I have given to you.

As long as you remain grounded in Me and in My Word you will never be in the dark, this is My promise to you.

that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, - Ephesians 3:17 - NKJV


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