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Beloved, Hold the Line!

Terry Casales - November 30th, 2020


The term “hold the line” is a military metaphor, from the idea of a line of soldiers withstanding an attack without moving from their positions.

Beloved, the enemy is coming at you, attacking hard and fast against you in the battlefield of your mind. You MUST stand your ground and DO NOT compromise. Tune out his lies. DO NOT give the enemy even one inch. Be resilient. Stay focused on Me. Keep your shields up! I have given you the weapons of your warfare - My Word - and I have given you My armor.

You have learned how to be a watchman on the wall for a long time in the wilderness. It is now time to enter into and to defend your promised land. It is time for you to be no longer on the defensive but on the offensive for a change. It’s time to push back the enemy out of the wilderness and completely out of your new territory.

It is time to let the enemy know that he can no longer stand in your way and delay access to your territory. The enemy thought that he could get you weary in well doing, all the while sending his little foxes of distraction to try to come in one at a time to take down and steal what I have already given you and what I Am about to give you. The enemy thought that he could get you to drink from his poisonous narrative long enough to weaken you to the point where you would be too weak to fight back. He has been testing the fences and has been putting tremendous pressure on you to get you to believe that it’s over, for you to accept defeat and to wave the white flag. DON’T DO IT! DON’T DO IT, no matter how loud he screams at you! No matter how dark things seem to get DON’T DO IT!

Watch, because I have called forth My reserves. There are many more who are for you than against you! I have called forth My mighty angelic army to help you take back what he has stolen and to take possession of all his spoils that are waiting for you in your promised land.

The enemy is very desperate - he has seen the writing on the wall - and he is trying to find a weakness in your wall of defense so that he can crawl back through it like the snake that he is and take control. Stay alert and DO NOT waver, beloved.

DO NOT move from where I have placed you. HOLD THE LINE! Set your feet like flint and stand firm until I tell you otherwise. Believe that you are un-moveable. You are standing on a firm foundation. I Am holding your arms up. I Am sustaining you.

Listen for My instruction for when to strike and advance. Stay focused and alert. Maintain your balance. Keep your feet steady and hold your position. Remember, I have given you the home field advantage.

I have given you everything that you need to conquer this giant once and for all. Refuse to back down and stand on My faith. The tide is turning in your favor for you have stayed the course, continuing to fight the good fight of faith from the secret place. You have been trained for this, beloved. You are not battle weary, you are battle ready. I will give you the strength, the strategies and the grace that you need to win. This is the time to take your land of promise by force. Fear not, for I Am with you. You are not alone. The victory is yours!


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